LIVE SKULL – Saturday Night Massacre (CD)





-Saturday Night Massacre-

…Live Skull are back with a new brood of cheerful tunes and corrosive sonic assaults, sure to make your blood boil again!…

RELEASE DATE: 8 November 2019

Live Skull, the New York no-wave psychos are back!
Icon of 1980s New York, Live Skull has reformed and we are thrilled to announce that SATURDAY NIGHT MASSACRE, their new astounding comeback album, is set for release on November 8th on Bronson Recordings worldwide!
Together with Sonic Youth and Swans, Live Skull defined the term “noise rock” in the ’80s, spearheading the post-No Wave underground music scene in NYC with a series of legendary live performances and eight groundbreaking records released over the course of that decade.
Live Skull exploited the imagery of gore movies to express their disillusion with society’s turn toward darkness; now the facts are gory enough on their own. The reanimated crypt of Live Skull spawns a new brood of cheerful tunes sure to make your blood boil again!



01 Saturday Night Massacre 03’:41”
02 Nova Police 02’:51“
03 Up Against the Wall 04’:16”
04 Memory Time-Slip 05’:26“
05 Identical Skies 04’:33”
06 Details of the Madness 03’:50“
07 Shadow War Composer 04’:26”
08 Never kill a Client 03’:34“
09 Midnight Zone 04’:57”
10 The Date 04’:17“
TOTAL TIME: 41’:55”


“A reunion, after almost 30 years of inactivity, of the seminal New York noise guitar band Live Skull. 100% of a piece with their better-known contemporaries, Live Skull conjured a massively discordant squall of guitars and a creepy, desperate vibe.” Dangerous Minds “Of the scowling noise-rockers peppering downtown Manhattan throughout the 80s, Live Skull was the leanest and meanest around.”

“With each new record, New York’s Live Skull delivers a more concentrated brand of emotional intensity, a more ferociously disciplined sonic assault. Live Skull’s music – a high-wire act played for keeps, without a net – is as challenging, as spiritually corrosive, and ultimately as transcendent as Albert Ayler’s mid-60’s free jazz or the implacable drone-dance of the early Velvet Underground. It’s one of the essential sounds of our time.” -The New York Times, Robert Palmer “The most startlingly original array of guitar sounds and approaches since Jimi Hendrix. They make guitars do things you’ve never imagined.”-New Look magazine “grinding, slash-n-drone, East Village-trash-shit noisecluster rock.”
SPIN Magazine


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