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BRONSON RECORDINGS: Tales From The Red Desert 2023.

We don’t write so often, so here it is a pretty solid recap of a very busy year releasing amazing new music. Just in case you missed something of your interest. Thanks for following and supporting our work year by year.

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Live Skull – Party Zero

“This is the sound of NYC. Party Zero is their third post-rebirth album and damn is it good. Complex, subtle guitar textures and rhythms. Downbeat, haunting vocals.” – 8/10 Classic Rock

Celebrating the release of their latest album ‘Party Zero’, Live Skull return to the EU and the UK kicking and screaming with protest songs and tales of the psychic dark side. Their third release on Bronson Recordings since reanimating in 2018, ‘Party Zero’ updates the post-punk, noise guitar approach they pioneered in the New York underground music scene of the radical 80s. Revved-up classics from that period animate their set as the current lineup – Mark C, Rich Hutchins, Kent Heine and Dave Hollinghurst – doubles down on Live Skull’s massive cacophony. But forget about a nostalgia trip, Live Skull’s new jams swing wild and heavy, blasting their way to a better tomorrow.



Leatherette – Small Talk

Following their incendiary 2022 debut album ‘Fiesta’, Bologna’s Leatherette delivered an even more provocative and sophisticated record with the follow-up. ‘Small Talk’ finds Leatherette breaking free of the post-punk straitjacket some were keen to strap them in, indulging their love of wild noise and twisted pop.


Don’t miss Leatherette playing at Eurosonic and Ment in Ljubljana
From NME:
Who: Unpredictable alt-rockers armed with two eclectic albums
From: Bologna, Italy
Look out for: Some tongue-in-cheek, witty lyricism. Whether it’s the awkward brass section that introduces ‘Bureaucracy Apocalypse’ or puns about Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, this is a group that takes rock down its most weird and wonderful avenues. There’s enough material in their two albums to produce some radically different live shows, be it pure noise-punk or jazzy indie – who knows which we’re going to get.



San Leo – Aves Raras

Clocking in at around 38 minutes, “Aves Raras” has it all: analog slag of tribal ritual music, bold guitar riffs, shimmering layers of synths. Frantic grooves, ghostly vocals, dazzling walls of noise and pastoral tonal passages – the ultimate call to enlightenment through euphoria.




Whisked away on a sonorous journey by San Leo, listeners are invited to traverse the intricacies of ‘Aves Raras,’ a narrative woven in sound, hailing from the vibrant heart of Italy. Released on November 17th, 2023, by Bronson Recordings, this is not just an album; it’s an odyssey spanning genres of heavy psych, drone, and krautrock.



Trust The Mask – Idiom

Guaranteed to be unlike anything you have ever heard before, Idiom is a bold and courageous odyssey into the cyber, glitch, wave, industrial, alternative and ever-expanding synth pop world. Destined to take you on an atmospheric audio journey of the wild and wonderful, the rare, the unseen and everything in between Idiom is a project beyond measure.



Bronson Recordings Long Sleeve

We finally released our 1st T Shirt ever.

Bronson Recordings Long Sleeve – Tales from the Red Desert – Black or Pine Green

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