Getting in a room and being really noisy is just a natural response to what’s going on right now because otherwise, you’ll just go crazy. That gave Live Skull a reason to exist again” Mark C
NYC no-wave veterans Live Skull‘s new album ‘Party Zero‘ is out now on Bronson Recordings.
Legendary New York veterans are back! Their new album ‘Party Zero’ – their third since rising from the grave – is one of their finest. Big in sound and brash on dynamics, while sophistication remains an essential element. The fusion of noise and unexpected tunefulness delivering a heady, psychedelic effect. This remains protest music of uncanny subtlety and power, over a chiaroscuro modern post-punk. It’s the sound of Live Skull in the 21st Century: timeless, angry and beautiful.
“This is the sound of NYC. Party Zero is their third post-rebirth album and damn is it good. Complex, subtle guitar textures and rhythms.
Downbeat, haunting vocals.” – 8/10 Classic Rock – Everett True“A straight shooter of an album that doesn’t let down” Ghettoblaster Magazine“A great comeback” La Caverna

“NY cult band still have fire in their bellies” The Wee Review

“Party Zero is a contemporary protest record in a noise rock suit” Luminous Dash

“Live Skull stands for dark sounding noise rock where distortion and power chords rule the roost” Muzic Scene

“The fact is that no young band today sounds like this.” 9/10 Ox
“Mark C. can write great songs” – Rumore
“Steeped in the halcyon days of rebel rock” American Pancake
“Time has not dimmed their light but made it burn ever more brightly” Analogue Trash
“Live Skull’s new material sounds alive and vibrant, and embodies the relentless energy which defined the New York post punk sound of the eighties. Bringing together noise and tunefulness, the band’s refined blend creates a mesmerizing and psychedelic experience” Destroy/ Exist


The first phase of the group spanned the 80s. Mark C and Tom Paine met in San Francisco and relocated to the big, filthy apple at the start of the decade, their ears still ringing to No New York, Brian Eno’s epochal survey of the city’s bruising No Wave scene. But while they loved noise, the duo were also in love with British post-punk: Gang Of Four, Joy Division, Wire and The Fall. “We wanted to put New York’s wild, noisy guitar thing with this music that was more atmospheric, more intriguing, more melodic.” Looking for a ‘punk-funk’ guitarist to play with, they learned that no guitarist existed yet that fit the bill, so they became those guitarists themselves. The group pushed boundaries while also proving a more complex, subtle proposition than many of their contemporaries. “We wanted to make songs people would want to listen to, rather than just have the loudest, biggest guitars,” says Mark.

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