2022 a Year with Bronson Recordings

It’s that time of the year again. 2022 was a year of partial and progressive return to normality and with Bronson Recordings we resumed our production activity with intensity and our artists and bands came back live on stage with a certain continuity. We released 5 incredible albums and as usual we have ranged between genres with the aim of giving you unique and authentic records, never too easily categorized. We could say that post-punk is a common ground, but then it declines between no wave, dream pop, songwriting, dark folk or slacker rock. New records by Clever Square, Phill Reynolds, Eugenia Post Meridiem, Leatherette (a bang of a debut!) and R.Y.F that composed an astonishing Soundtrack. If you missed some of them, just take a look at our amazing Vinyl editions. Made with love and care. Thank you to all of you for staying with us.


Leatherette – Fiesta 

“Like King Krule being drugged by origi-goths Bauhuas and then dragged on a tour of Weimar-era Berlin night spots” – The New Cue

“Feral post punk that falls into dreamy euro noir atmospheres” – American Pancake

“A banger of an album” – Up To Hear

Leatherette are a quintet whose car-crash of jagged noise, twisted love and dark, anguished melody has delivered a remarkable – and eminently combustible – debut album. Fiesta offers release for any who might need it. You can file them near fiery post-punk kindreds like Shame and Squid, or unhinged 90s noisers like Unwound or Hoover, or squalling No Wavers like James Chance, but the truth is there are few bands like Leatherette that walk this Earth.


Eugenia Post Meridiem – like i need a tension

Eugenia Post Meridian are set to be your new go-to band for summer nostalgia. – Flare Music Magazine

Already receiving plaudits from the likes of VICE, Rolling Stone and CLASH, the band’s critically acclaimed album offers a captivating listening experience from start to finish.” – Plastic Magazine

“It’s one of the most exciting albums to come out this year without a shadow of a doubt…10/10, I cannot fault it, nor credit it enough.” – Subba-Cultcha

Setting the tone for what is to be an incandescent, kaleidoscopic journey the band embark on their new cosmic, musical odyssey as piece by piece they begin to share like i need tension. Dreamy, hypnotic, other worldly and futuristic yet tethered with sounds, qualities and textures of the past, it’s a glorious smorgasbord of flavour and colour, quite honestly unlike anything heard before.


R.Y.F. – Tutto Brucia OST

Tutto Brucia (Music From The Motus Show) is the original soundtrack composed by R.Y.F. for the homonymous new theatrical show by the acclaimed theater company Motus that sees her as protagonist on stage – on songs and live music – together with Silvia Calderoni and Stefania Tansini.

Morello says she created the music, based on the union between the electric guitar and a more and more free and powerful voice, starting from improvisation, that means following her usual instinct: “All the tracks were born during the natural work in progress with Silvia, Stefania and Demetrio Cecchitelli, who composed the soundscapes. Once tuned to the atmosphere of the scene, I started working on the text with the help of the words suggested by Ilenia Caleo, curator of the dramaturgical research, and by the same Motus, who granted me however total freedom of writing. The process was harmonious, because the music and the respective scenes are very closely connected“. This is why it was decided to record live Tutto Brucia (Music From The Motus Show), during a show at the Triennale, in Milan, in November 2021, in order to represent the fundamental interaction between music and text.


Phill Reynolds – A Ride

“An Americana-fueled musical ride’”– Bandcamp New and Notable

“A fine album” – Americana UK 

“Reynolds has taken us on a cinematic journey that deserves repeated listens.'” – Louder than War

“Songs that go directly to the heart” – Benzine Magazine

New album ‘A Ride’, like all the best concept albums, takes you on a journey. This one concerns the last three days of an American runaway’s life. Part road trip, part engrossing mystery, part search for redemption, it’s the fictional tale of a troubled man whose past comes back to haunt him, as in the best Americana/Alt-Country tradition.


Clever Square – Secret Alliance

“It’s a hymn to privacy, to the joys of secrecy, and solitude”. 
Giacomo D’attorre wraps such heartfelt, profound topics in gloriously laid-back indie adds to the charm, and cements Clever Square’s status as one of Italy’s finest contemporary bands.

All of this is perfectly framed by Clever Square’s shuffling, quirky indie, and cute melodies. Soft and worn around the edges, like the perfect flannel shirt, there’s a gentle, shambling quality to the music.

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