Adriano Zanni – Soundtrack for Falling Trees tape


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Limited edition of 72 tapes

Shipping from September 4th

Aural photographs, visual and imaginary soundscapes. The creation of a soundtrack for a photographic project about landscapes and the symbolism of lonely trees. Between Ambient Music, Symphonic Psychedelia and Drones. think about a mix of Ben Frost, Ansel Adams and Spaceman 3. Released by Bronson Recordings on a limited edition of 72 tapes and digital downloads.

bio: Adriano Zanni formerly known as Punck is a Sound artist , field recordist , photographer and lo fi video maker. Adriano Zanni, for his experimental music project, creates his sound canvas manipulating many different kinds of acoustic, concrete and natural sources with audio editors and softwares. Obsessed by the Red Desert of Michelangelo Antonioni, many of his projects are influenced by this masterpiece





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