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In search of connection Trust the mask reveal debut album Idiom an odyssey into the synth-sphere.

The stars have aligned, the winds have changed, the conditions are just right and the time has finally come. Now, ready to reveal their debut album of galactic proportions, Italian duo Trust the Mask (aka Elisa Dal Bianco and Vittoria Cavedon) have returned to share their cumulative project. Introducing the awe inspiring, experimental, utterly electric, ‘synth-spoloration’ that is the 12 track record – Idiom.
Guaranteed to be unlike anything you have ever heard before, Idiom is a bold and courageous odyssey into the cyber, glitch, wave, industrial, alternative and ever-expanding synth pop world. Destined to take you on an atmospheric audio journey of the wild and wonderful, the rare, the unseen and everything in between Idiom is a project beyond measure.
Cited as a medium of connection, multi-instrumentalist and one half of Trust the Mask Elisa Dal Bianco shares “Every human being wants to be accepted and loved, and as a result everyone tries to mask themselves in social contexts – in their jobs and at school and everywhere,” Singer Vittoria Cavedon continues: “It’s only when we’re on stage doing music that we feel completely free. The mask is something that everyone has, but if you take it away then you can really be yourself. The music is the moment when we’re without the mask, and with us, people can feel that freedom too.”
This year has seen the two eclectic creatives take centre stage, adorned in their incredibly beautiful, handmade and signature style headpieces Trust the Mask captured our attention with a hypnotic grace. First with the distinctively neon ‘Will you come?’ , then the futuristic & dark, ‘Otaku’, finally completing the trio with the effervescent and undulating ‘Our Fault’ only last month.

Now they finish what they started with a further nine unreleased tracks set to engulf all who enter their gravitational vortex. Beginning with the rich, layered, lead single ‘Juniper’ which details the internal revelations whilst dealing with the “conscious end of a relationship”, through to ‘Frontiers’ which blends processed vocals, industrial elements, the evocative sound of Cambodian monks and a bright vocal hook that lifts the track exactly when needed, it’s about looking around you and embracing those all-important connections to the world.
Idiom represents an ethereal journey in the search for a universal language, an attempt to communicate across ages, classes and personalities. Idiom discusses what new generations might be experiencing and how reality could be; without any effort, free from territorial and ideological boundaries. Each piece is a snapshot of different places and cultures, which appear distant and unknown. Alternative by nature, yet flecked with pop and dance music sensibilities, every offering is a living, breathing piece of sonic art, hanging suspended in Trust the Mask’s atmosphere.

With expression and symbolism carved into the very core of their artistry, both the music and the imagery possessed by this curious duo work in symbiosis, cultivating a depth of connection and understanding between audience and artist which is extraordinary and captivating.
Intense, unconventional and entirely otherworldly Idiom is set to invigorate the senses and spark the imagination on an astral level. Layered with experimentation and concise, creative chaos, Trust the Mask epitomise the allure of the alien and the avant-garde with perfect precision.

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