SAN LEO – SOL. Live at Transmissions Waves



In march 2021 San Leo played some brand new material (one free-form, shape-shifting suite) for Transmissions Waves. The event was meant as the spinoff version of Transmissions Festival, and was available for audiences online, everywhere. The band played two whole sets on site at Bronson, live on stage, and although only one of the takes was chosen for the streaming, both were equally vibrant and loaded with new sounds and different nuances. SOL. is the name of this new release, including the two versions (one for each side of the cassette edition) and features a view into San Leo’s process of molding raw material into hypnotic grooves and soundscapes. These recordings feature the unprecedented use of a clarinet throughout the first section, as well as another unusual – for the band – sound source in vocals (although heavily manipulated with various effects), erupting in the final section and letting the listener guess what could be the next twist in San Leo’s dense – yet playful – sonic exploration. With inserirefloppino’s exciting drumming keeping the groove always moving and m tabe’s incandescent guitar and swarming electronic manipulations, these sets are a raw mixture that may very much resemble one of the band’s primal jams and offer an interesting insight into the duo’s constant search for new instersections between composition and improvisation.

Recorded LIVE at Transmissions Waves march 2021 by Alberto Bimbi
Mixed by Yuri Pierini at Blue Audio Studio
Mastered by Giovanni Versari at la Maestà
San Leo is Inserirefloppino and M Tabe
With the support of Comune di Ravenna – Assessorato alla Cultura and Regione Emilia-Romagna


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