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Limited edition: 400 black vinyl, 100 marbled

Small towns in the countryside are all obstinately the same wherever you go: loneliness, abjection, rage. From a godforsaken place somewhere up in the North, The ELM tell their stories with languages and images of the American Bible Belt, land of obsessed preachers and sleazy moralism, cradle of inveterate losers and alienation.
This is the setting of the stories they tell in their new album DOG wandering places lost somewhere between reality and imagination: swamps and deserts where God is just a mere memory that leaves only a pale reflection, a dark and distorted echo that fosters the need for the absolute of irredeemable Sinners who live under the burden of their stories.
Stories from the darkest places of our society that nobody wants to tell, stories that need no judgement, where the outcasts end up unsurprisingly all in the same way. Stories told through killer riffs and nasty plots by four respectable members of the community, who live the honest and relaxed small-town life.
Picture-perfect white-collars trying to keep the balance in their double life that lies on the edge between clarity and filthy insanity, the ELM welcomes you to the delightful Italian forsaken suburbs, where the Southern cross the dog.
Recordings Info
DOG was recorded live at Elm’s rehearsal studio in April 2017. Mixing process came immediately after. Elm used every piece of their instruments taking every single sound to the extreme limit . Holed up in their den, they used no producer from outside, since they already knew exactly the sound of DOG: a dirty, sharp crushing evil’n’roll, constantly overloaded.
Ettore Dordo from Hubsolut Studio from Cuneo (IT) took care of the mastering process with a clear hint: bring the sound over the maximum impact level. Enjoy the Cult.
All Songs by ELM
Except “Folsom Prison Blues” Written by Johnny Cash
Recorded and mixed at ELM’s Rehearsal Room in april 2017
Mastered by Ettore Dordo at HUBsolut Studio, Cuneo (IT)
Released via Bronson Recordings on Vinyl BR012/007 (barcode 8033622535812),
CD BRCD/002 (Barcode 8033622535829) and digital.
Released October 20, 2017 (Italy & EU), December 12, 2017 (Worldwide)
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In 2016, WHITE HILLS embarked on an experiment they called the “covers project”. The idea was to take some of their favorite songs and rework them into something new and unforeseen in the original version. This exercise of sorts was used as a way for the band to examine new ways in looking at their own music, how they compose and to allow themselves to go down the less traveled avenues that appear within their creative process.

The track “Pulse”, originally released on the self-titled debut album by The Psychedelic Furs, is one of these experiments.

“VI-X” is the term scientists use to refer to the sixth major extinction on Earth. It is widely believed that we are within this period presently. This belief is the basis behind the theme of the track “VI-X”. The band’s goal was to evoke the pain of planet Earth and its lashing out to rid itself of the plague that is trying to slowly kill it. Many forget that our planet is a living entity unto itself and we are merely the pesky flea on its back. Earth doesn’t need us to survive, yet we need it to survive. Somehow this is forgotten and many only see it as something to exploit. In the end the Earth will have the last laugh as it will survive long after human kind is gone.

WHITE HILLS is the New York City based duo composed of Ego Sensation and Dave W. In the 10 years they have been recording and performing, they are know for their hyper work ethic which in turn has deemed them the most prolific band of their generation. Initially gaining the attention of legendary British outsider author and musician Julian Cope, the band has crossed paths with other luminaries such as Lenny Kaye (The Patti Smith Group), Ian Astbury (The Cult) and Jim Jarmusch (filmmaker) to name a few. The later of which cast the band to play themselves in his epic vampire love story Only Lovers Left Alive. WHITE HILLS is honored to take part in a release on Bronson Recordings, which is a strong supporter of varied musical endeavors from around the world.

Catalogue number: BR007/09

Genre: Post-Motorik Fuzz – Pre-Space Goth



Side A: 1 Pulse

Side B: 2 VI X

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