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Sunday Morning: This a collection of songs about love, and the many shapes it can take: one’s fear to love; love as religion; love as spiritual illumination; love, when it becomes dark as night; the love that is the gift of a newborn baby; and among all of this, the search for faith in love within ourselves. “Let It Burn is what each member of the band was living during the writing process and the recording sessions,” says Cola. “It was an intense experience for all of us, individually and as a group, and we lived it together—as always—before putting it inside these 10 songs.”

Istvan: All in their early twenties, the members of Istvan hail from Forlì, a misty suburban city 50 miles south of Bologna. Their debut-album is almost totally instrumental, influenced by heavy psych as well as contemporary doom wizards, and inspired by German physician and religious poet Angelus Silesius. Through stoner riffs, doomy tempos and rarefied drones, the Istvan sound is like a vulcanic heat enveloping post-rock mists. Earth, Om, Earthless, Black Sabbath, Slint and guitar guru John Fahey all left their mark on Istvan’s s/t album.

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