Bruno Dorella – Concerto per Chitarra Solitaria (CD)




This album is the result of a live set commisioned by Ravenna Festival in June 2018. And it’s another bet – won, obviously – in more than twenty years of career, in which Dorella has collected an impressive number of live performances and many experiences, such as musician and producer.

After a twenty year career, this is the first album released by Bruno Dorella under his own name, in complete solitude and in a simple take, with the rudder – firmly in the hands – of a single guitar, to be precise a Japanese Fender Telecaster dating back to the 90s. A unique flow that moves according to the times and resonances of the moment, based on a narrative structure that acts as a canvas to a clever mix of writing and improvisation. 4 parts where the waves lull and push the listener much farther than we would have believed. Enjoy your surfing.

“I’ve always been very attracted by disaster, failure, defeat, the epic of the loser. So shipwreck is an aquatic transposition of this kind of speech” Bruno Dorella


  1. Largo
  2. Allegro con crepe
  3. Adagio del naufragio
  4. A Fondo


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