Steve Wynn
Steve Wynn: The Impossible Tour | Livestream @ Bronson
  • Event Schedule21/02/2021 at 23:00 to 21/02/2021 at 23:45
  • Location Bronson Club

Domenica 21 febbraio

Madonna dell’Albero (RA), Bronson, ore 23:00

Virtualmente al Bronson Club!
Live streaming tickets:

Due concerti a sera su due continenti diversi? Impresa quasi impossibile, e proprio da questa sfida nasce THE IMPOSSIBLE TOUR di Steve Wynn!
Un tour virtuale nei club che più ha amato nei suoi anni di concerti in giro per il mondo. E al Bronson festeggerà anche il suo compleanno!
My last birthday (#60 for those keeping score) was spent in Medellin, Colombia. This time Linda asked me where I wanted to go and I didn’t hesitate for a second—Italy!! Particularly down by the seaside at the wonderful Bronson club in Ravenna. I rehearsed for a tour there not long ago so I know all the ins and outs and where to get some good chow (not ciao!) And Linda can whip up a mean Negroni, that’s for sure. No need for gifts, your presence is all that’s required.
Mar, 4, 2021
Live al Bronson Club
Mag, 14, 2021