Kevin Morby

17 Novembre: Kevin Morby – ANNULLATO

Siamo spiacenti di annunciare che Kevin Morby ha deciso di cancellare tutti gli show europei programmati dopo l’11 novembre per motivi personali.
I biglietti già acquistati potranno essere rimborsati rivolgendosi presso il rivenditore da lunedì 11 settembre e entro il 30 settembre 2017.
Di seguito il comunicato ufficiale:

Dear friends,
I am sad to inform you that we will be cancelling all of our European shows AFTER the 11th of November. This includes shows in France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and England. My band and I have been on the road two solid years and don’t plan on stopping in the new year, so for overall health and well being, this is the decision that we had to make. We hope you understand and hopefully you were able to catch us in one of the mentioned countries earlier this year and if not – I assure you that we will be back at some point in the new year. Thank you to everyone who bought tickets, your money will be returned to you of course, and perhaps we will see you in a city near by in the first half of the tour which we still look very forward to doing and will make stops in all the countries listed above, save Italy, and as well as Belgium, Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands. And if not, like I said, we look forward to seeing you again next year.
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Til then,
Peace always
Xo km

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